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thismeintiel said:
jason1637 said:

It's for the holidays probably. MS said that they will keep a $50 differrence in MSRP and last Holiday the S was going for $180. They probably want to hit that $130 pricepoint for the late gen buyers.

I guess that makes sense.  Personally, I would spend the extra $50 and get the 4K drive, and all the benefits that comes with.  Anyway, you would think with them keeping their sales of $249 for the regular S SKUs going, $199 would have been a much better price.  As it is, this thing isn't even going to cause a blip when it releases.  It's not even in the Top 1,500 Hourly for video games on Amazon.

If I didnt have a Xbox One already I'd probably would get the digital edition if it were $50 cheaper because I only have like 6 physical games and i own them digitally also anyway. I rarely buy physical games and I know lots of people who are the same.