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Wyrdness said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I think what bugs me is it was clearly an accident because it wasn't intended to be broadcasted.

Its essentially a ban for simply being the type of person that uses that word. But since it ended up on the service, a warning at best SHOULD be fine.

Using a racial slur at one time just meant you used a racial slur, this is example was clearly in jest. But I'm not gonna act like he's racist or spreading "hate speech" because he simply used a slur. That's lunatic left wing logic.

Doesn't matter accident or not the TOS have been set and everyone knows them by now the it's an accident defence is not accepted because everyone would use it when they break the rules.

As for Caleb ask yourself this why is he using the slur to begin with knowing the implications of it Trihex got banned when he used the word f*g simply brushing it off as just in jest is just as bad as witch hunting him only problem is he hasn't done himself any favours with not only his response to the whole situation but his past antics, fact is Twitch have set a precedent against such things because they know letting it slide ultimately leads to more problems as we live in an era were you now can't allow people to have an inch otherwise people will try and take the whole damn country.

I think we can agree breaking the rules and accidents are actually different things. Which is why not everything that happens on live TV for example is treated the same.

Brushing it off as a jest is as bad as witch hunting? No, because witch hunting is intended to hurt someone for something relatively minor in this case.

So people say the n-word in jest one moment, then its tyranny over the country next? When you speak like that, you come off as a person truly out of touch with reality.

We live in the of the most peaceful eras ever, I believe it can withstand the n-word used in jest. But again, I said warning the guy would be fine because of bullshit rules. We don't have to exaggerate what happened here and create a slippery slope scenario.