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sundin13 said:
Your OP kind of frames the debate by using some loaded language that isn't really present in the examples. You claim that these parents are pushing their children, however in both examples you provided, it appears that the children are the ones who are being allowed to lead and express their own identities in the way they see fit. In my opinion, the only way to see such a thing as child abuse is if your own biases lead you to believe that Transgender identity is wrong in some way.

Transgender identity at a young age can be fake yes,in some cases it is pushed onto autistic children that are already socially confused and could very well think it is because they are supposed to be the other gender and you should care about this possibility,it is important for both the transgender community and the children involved.

Im not saying there arent real transgender indentifying kids but it is open for abuse and each situation needs to be very carefully looked at.