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DonFerrari said:
Yes it is, PS3 launched at 599 and had sales, X1 and X1X also had sales launching at 499. But still for obvious reason there is more initial sales when launching at 399 and good product than at 499.

Are you seriously using 2 stumbled launches that cost their platform owners nearly half the customers they had built up from the previous generation as a sign that the mass market consumer wants to pay $500 or more for a video game console?  The PS3 had sales at $599, sure.  But, was it "good sales" if there were 70 million less PlayStation owners from the previous gen?  The Xbox One had sales at $499, sure.  But, were they "good sales", if Microsoft may have lost 50% of it's own customer base from the previous gen?  I would say no based on just the fact that Microsoft does not even announce sold numbers for the Xbox One or Xbox One X.  When you aren't announcing milestones, you aren't exactly happy with your sales, are you?