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o_O.Q said:
vivster said:
Welp, this will certainly lure out all the neckbeards making inappropriate comments and completely reaffirming Sony's decision. Isn't it nice how society works?

It will certainly an interesting subject to future scholars how the sexual liberation of the 20th century will be completely undone by the 21st century.

you missed the most relevant part - that the sexual revolution will be undone by feminists... you know... the people who are supposed to be advocating for the freedom of women?

"this will certainly lure out all the neckbeards"

what is a neckbeard?

A neckbeard is a derogatory term for a gamer, it's a negative term used by people who do not participate in the media being discussed in an attempt to make the enjoyers of said media appear to be unkept and not clean shaven.

This whole thing is the same as 5 years ago when it initially blew up badly, you have people who have never and will never buy games trying to dictate what they should play like for those who do play them, I think of it like me and the Twilight series of movies, they depict violence and abuse against the female protagonist and I don't get why they exist or have the fandom, but there is a large audience of bean flickers who love the way Edward keeps his lady in check so the movies made a ton of cash. Good on the studio imo for creating a product that sells and people wanted, regardless of the content, there was a demand and the studio fulfilled it. That's how consumerism works.

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