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crissindahouse said:
I will never understand gamers if it comes to console prices.

Not only is the console itself only a small part of what you pay overall for gaming but it seems as if gamers never have more money even 30 years later even though people around them get a payraise every freaking year and inflation is a thing.

500 bucks shouldn't be really a problem if 400 wasn't 7 yesrs earlier if the console releases in 2020.

It's literally the difference between $500 getting you a console and having money left over for a couple of games, a game and a controller, etc.  Or, $500 just getting you the console and having to spend $600 just to be able to use it.

As far as payraises and inflation goes, you do realize the cost of living increasing is also a thing, right?  My dad bought a ColecoVision in 1982 for $175.  You can tell yourself that purchase would have cost $460 today.  But, I will tell you that in 1982, my dad was able to raise 4 children on a single family income.  Today, every married person I know needs a dual income to get by (both spouses working).  And, a lot of them don't have children because they fear not having the money to properly care for another mouth to feed in the household.  Declining birthrates are a thing too, you know.  But, you keep telling everybody that a $500 base purchase for a toy isn't a big deal.  I hope Sony busts out another $600 PlayStation just for you.  Because if an adjusted for inflation ColecoVision cost $460 in 1982, then a $600 PlayStation today shouldn't be a problem for anyone.  Even though we already saw in 2006 it was an absolute disaster.