simek said:

PS5 is a dream game machine

Ray tracing for sound and light- confirmed

SSD for no loading times- confirmed

Ryzen 2 8 core- confirmed

BC- confirmed

Custom navi- confimed

It feels like they ticked all the right  boxes. Im waiting for preorders to open. 

For sound? Not so much. We have actually been down this Audio path once before... Aka. Aureal A3D, before Creative bought them up and shuttered them.

Also. Nothing has been confirmed, these are rumors, grain of salt and all of that.

vivster said:
Uhm..... that whole article reads like a marketing fluff piece written by Sony themselves. They're getting really desperate to sell it as something revolutionary when it's a mere simple hardware upgrade. Nothing wrong with a straight upgrade, but I can't take all the marketing bullcrap.

Supercomputer on a chip not happening then?

simek said:

 Better battery i think should be priority. I dont think wireless charging will be any efficent for gaming (too slow), and too expensive aswell.

Fast wireless charging is pretty accessible now, even earphones are coming with the technology these days.

However, I would personally prefer hot-swappable AA batteries personally... But I doubt that will happen, not with a Sony console anyway.

CGI-Quality said:
In this case at least (though I'm sure Xbox will also have it now), I was wrong about Raytracing (though we'd need to see more). Hearing that it'll pack an SSD faster than my PC is capable of is the bananas part! O_O

Well. Nothing is confirmed yet.
On the Ray Tracing side... Pascal is capable of Ray Tracing, but it's much more limited compared to Turing, not just in performance but how extensive the effects are, I would expect the same to hold true for Ray Tracing on Graphics Core Next.
Ray Tracing is an inherently compute limited issue.

As for the SSD side of the equation... Zen 2 will be leveraging PCI-E 4.0, so I would assume the SSD would be using that bus for an insane amount of bandwidth, still got my doubts it will be a useful amount of storage though, not with the size of games today and the price of NAND.
Might be a hybrid approach.

taus90 said:

A custom Ray tracing solution designed for closed off API will be much more efficient that a PC version. 

Citation needed.

DonFerrari said:
If true it will have SSD and a lot of our forum experts were fooled by sony on this /joking.

End of the day... If it comes packed with a large and fast SSD... Then it's good for gamers and I am happy to be wrong... But the original idea was that it won't come with an SSD and fit in at the $400 USD price point, still stand by that.

Still. Console hasn't launched yet... Still skeptical that it won't be anything more than a cache/hybrid setup at most... 1 Terabyte SSD's aren't exactly cheap enough for consoles yet.

Trumpstyle said:

But it's correct, HDDs are completely useless, you're suppose to know stuff. Try play World of warcraft on HDDs, its not possible. You get loading times that are between 1-2 minutes and the game lags for several minutes after, this with the fastest HDD that exist, western digital black desktop mechanical drive. While on a ssd the game will load in 5 seconds and no lag whatsoever after.

I said 2 months ago it's 100% certain that the next-gen consoles will have a SSD or NVMe drive (1TB) and I was correct.

Proves my point, HDD is useless.

Mechanical Hard Drives aren't completely useless, that benchmark uses a 1 Terabyte Western Digital Black which is far from being the fastest mechanical disk on the market... Those drives came out in 2008 and usually topped out at around 100MB/s.. Today's decent mechanical disks can top out at around 180-250MB/s.

Plus next-generation mechanical disks are about to launch with Microwave/Heat assisted recording, multiple actuators, larger Ram pools and faster processors, they still won't beat an SSD, but by no means are they useless, especially in sequential reads.

dharh said:

At first I was thinking M.2.  But if this is right it might be either a proprietary on motherboard set of chips or drive, or uses a non yet standard next gen spec.

Probably integrated straight onto the motherboard to reduce costs and complexity and piggy backing off PCI-Express. What will be interesting is if Sony will still include expandable storage via a SATA outlet.

DonFerrari said:

theoretical or real world...

From what we heard from stadia it seems to be about X1X level of power, while this seems to be about double (on raw number, performance will be much higher).

On real world with latency, bandwidth and all else Stadia will be lower than full HD, this will be about 4K (capable of 8K output per the interview).

Stadia beats the Xbox One X. It's Vega 56 vs Radeon RX 580 levels of difference. (I.E. Bit less than double the performance.)

This console is likely to best Stadia.

JEMC said:

With the 8 core Zen 2 CPU, the console won't be limited in that front like the actual ones have, and Navi should give it a nice boost over the Pro and X consoles.

Also likely confirms that Zen 2 is going to have 8-core CPU complexes. Which is a good thing in my eyes.

HollyGamer said:

The problem  with using SSHD is,  the benefit of having high speed loading data will not be directly build inside the system. Because all the performance and benefit of fast loading data will only be be attach to the SSHD, and if someone by means try to remove the hard disk and replace with normal HDD all the benefit will be loss (or even worse , PS5 games will not working) .

Actually the statement  from the article explained on how the fast loading benefit will be the standard for PS5 performance, this require a dedicated bus/nand flash ram/ memory soldered directly to the motherboard. And it will be using the same principality with how intel optane work on the PC, but of course PS5 will not by any means using Intel Optane as the nand flash memory. I am using Intel Optane as an example on how SSD/Flash memory will work on PS5.  

The exception here is if the console has the NAND integrated onto the motherboard and will cache any and all drives on the system automagically.
Just like SSD Cache drives of old on the PC.

Keep in mind these benchmarks are from 7 years ago and the drive is only 30GB... But there was still a massive reduction in loads.

Makes you wonder how a modern drive using PCI-E would do.

simek said:

Sony co-developed navi with amd, and co developed ssd drive. In some way they own the technology, so i dont think they need to wait for prices to drop. In a bizzare way i can see Microsoft paying royalities in some way for Navi tech. We don't really know what the agreement is between Sony and Amd on Navi tech.

Sony do not own the IP to Navi.
Navi is Graphics Core Next, it predates even the Playstation 4.

Sony wouldn't even get a look-in on building the GPU in question, they can make suggestions, but you can bet AMD would like to keep it's IP.

TallSilhouette said:
Music to my ears. Most interested in that SSD. Can they afford to make it a purely solid state system or will it be a hybrid setup?

Also love hearing more about 3D audio (and using ray tracing for it). Sound design hasn't kept up with visuals at all. It needs to be physically rendered just like other elements. Should do wonders for stealth and multiplayer games and reduce the reliance on your hud.

The irony is... We were heading down this road in regards to Audio, then in the last decade or so the entire industry went backwards.
The Original Xbox for example had Sound-storm which could do full positional 3D audio... And even the PC was a step above even that with Aureal A3D.

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