For everyone that thinks the price will be too much...

1. The PS3's $600 price tag is $750 in today's money. Inflation is a thing.

2. 360 launched a year earlier for $400 and $300. Wii launched alongside it for $250 with a free game packed in. There's not going to be a $300 XB2 model. Nintendo won't launch alongside them this time.

3. PS2 had been price cut to $129 when PS3 launched. This meant that early adopters weren't able to get much out of selling their PS2 once upgrading to the $600 PS3 launch model. PS4 Pro will likely still be worth $200 used when the PS5 launches. I don't see the Pro being price cut to below $300.

4. PS3 games ran worse then 360 games. I don't see XB2 running better than PS5.

5. 360 had a better library for the first two years. This time around the PS5 is likely to have the better library, since Sony has spent over a decade building up their 1st party developers.

6. PC gaming wasn't quite as popular back in 2006. Nowadays a lot of people spend $1000 on a PC. So a $600 console doesn't seem like such an extravagance in this day and age. 

7. The economy is much better than it was in 2006. It's unlikely that we will see a recession in 2022, like we did in 2008. 

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