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DarkD said:
Basically people are upset because Steam has been good to them. They introduced the 80% discount after all. They opened up classic gaming and got devs to update a lot of these broken games for new PCs again. They opened up the indie market. People love steam and Valve. So they are kinda fine with letting them have a monopoly.

However, I think they are largely overlooking the fact that Valve has gotten lazy. They stopped releasing games from their main franchises. Their biggest accomplishment in the last couple years is updating their chat client to STILL NOT COMPETE WITH DISCORD... The few games they have released are a step above flash and Wii party games.

In short, their monopoly is unhealthy for steam. They've gotten lazy.

I'm not upset because Steam has been "good to me", which it never did. Steam is trash right now. Problem is, EGS managed to be even worse. Much worse.

Why would I want to accept an even worse knockoff of an already shady product? Instead of making something better, they just moneyhatted themselves into the market, and selling out the consumer data to China via TenCent. And that's not even talking about the truckload of missing features.

Had Epic delivered a good store, I wouldn't have minded it. At. All. I actually probably would have supported it very much. Like I said in a previous post, I already have 8 game stores/launchers (even 9 if you would count the windows store, and 10 with the online indie store Crytivo), so adding yet another store to the list doesn't hurt anymore. But the way the store is is just short of catastrophic, and that's why I don't like it.

You can buy a game (and only one at a time since it's lacking even such basic features like a fucking shopping cart!) and start it, and that's it. Got any problems? You're out of luck. Want to know if the game is any good? No user reviews, to not talk about curators. Forums? Nope! Things like modding or a return policy? Are you on drugs?

What I fear is that the moneyhatting works too well and the competition starts doing the same stuff. Just imagine every developer having their own storefront. Instead of a supermarket for all your games at once, you get hundreds of little market stands and zero overview. No thanks!