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Spindel said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Some games have a fantastic story, onto which the gameplay is actually more of a hindrance sometimes, espeically for those who just want to enjoy the story.

I really hope this is a joke or a sarcastic comment.

Gameplay is what makes it a game. Story is and should always be secondary. If you want storys go watch a movie or read a book, I've not played one game in my entire life that has a story better than a sub-par movie or book. Surley I've not played all games ever made, but I've played enough game to make this blanket statement. What I can give some games credit for is, in some instances is interesting worldbuilding and/or atmosphere, but story always simplistic.

Play Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines and you'll possibly understand. That game has a superb story, but the gameplay feels more like a hindrance than adding anything to it. Planetscape: Torment has a really great story, but gameplay seems to just bring up roadblocks sometimes. The whole Drakenguard series has a truly genius storyline, but absolutely piss poor gameplay.

I'm not saying they should play themselves, reread my post. I'm saying that there should be a story difficulty mode which makes fights and challenges extremely easy for those who just want to enjoy the story. Or do it like L.A. Noire, where you can skip fights if you fail them a couple times, so you can continue enjoying the story.

And yes, I enjoy a good story with my games. And I'm by far not the only one.

Also, there's a reason why Game movies (as in, Movies made out of the videogame's cutscenes) are getting more and more popular: The gameplay just gets in the way for those who want to enjoy the overarching story.