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I don't understand why people think that mobile phones will have some major impact on consoles if only they had more power than consoles. The type of games people want to play on mobile phones, for the most part, would not even take advantage of this power. I've gotten into Elder Scrolls Blades recently and the graphics are nice. If they were better than PS4 Pro it would have zero impact on how much time I spend playing games on my phone. Since I started playing this game I now have to be much more aware of charging my phone and its kind of a pain. The game is designed in such a way that unless I want to spend 100's or 1000's of dollars on the game you play a little bit here and a little bit there. I couldn't imagine playing a proper Elder Scrolls game on my phone. My phone would be completely dead several times a day plus I wouldn't want to play that type of game on such a small screen with or without a controller add-on. Part of why I'm willing to play this game on my phone is because it is a more simple game that is built around one-handed touch screen control. In no way does this replace the time I'd be spending on a proper Elder Scrolls sequel. I have the option of streaming PS4 games to my phone but for obvious reasons, I choose not to.