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SammyGiireal said:
Chazore said:

PC has it's own exclusives though, and not all mid end rigs are "expensive" either.

They do which is why said "many of the exclusives".

But clearly a lot of people can't live without Sony exclusives as demonstrated by the PS4 sales numbers . So as along as Sony doesn't allow them to go multiplat there will always be a huge segment of gamers willing to buy consoles.

You said "without many of the exclusives".

There are a lot more gamers out there that aren't on Sony systems as well. Gaming isn't just made up of just 3 consoles and one OS, it's made up of multiple OS's, multiple consoles and devices. There are practically a lot more gamers out there in total, than there on on PC or consoles alone.

The way Xbox is headed, they are just giving people choices, even Sony sees this though, and it's honestly a good thing, because it means more options, means more consumers, means more money. 

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