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You mean like the Wii, PS2, PS1, and DS made consoles obsolete?

Mobile gaming will never hinder console games. Different market, different games, and no matter how advanced they are, too many models will make it near impossible to optimize games to their full potential. This is why Mobile will never truly kill handhelds either, even of the future of handhelds is lived on through hybrid consoles like the Switch.

Console gaming will go through many changes over the decades, but it is much harder to kill than you think. Honestly I see no real threat to consoles until the internet is on par world wide to support streaming only. But even then, if enough people vote with their wallets we may just see a digital download option as well for those who would rather run the games natively. When that becomes the norm however, expect DRM out the ass.

So in short, you are wrong. It is further out than you think, and the threat is something completely different.

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