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Who do you think the guest characters for Mortal Kombat 11 will be? And since we are only a few weeks from launch, they should be announced any time now.

My picks are: 

  • T-800 Terminator-Ed Boon did say a surprise and recognizable face will appear besides Ronda Rousey, and there's a new Terminator film coming out later this year, so the Terminator in Arnold's likeness will almost assuredly be one of them, especially with time travel being so prominently featured in the story. MK10 already featured the Predator and Xenomorph as the sci-fi guests, so the Terminator would make all the sense in the world for this installment. Plus his robot endoskeleton would go so well with the game's chip damage.
  • Pennywise-It Part 2 comes out later this year and the last 2 MK games already gave us Freddy, Jason and Leatherface as the horror movie characters, so Pennywise makes all the sense in the world. Just imagine the fatalities they could give him.
  • Spawn-Todd McFarlane more or less already confirmed he'll be coming to MK 11, plus he's been a highly-requested MK guest character for years. He also has a new movie reboot in the works.
  • Michael Myers-I thought I'd throw in a 4th one since MKX gave us 4 guest characters (Alien, Predator, Jason and Leatherface). The game needs another horror icon to accompany Pennywise and the new Halloween did just come out with a sequel on the way, so I figured why not throw in Michael while we're at it?

I'd love it if Metal Gear's Raiden made it in as a guest, but Konami is Konami and probably wouldn't let them use him because they're assholes. Bamco probably tried to get his licensing already for SC6 and got turned down since the new character, Groh uses his likeness.