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SpokenTruth said:
tripenfall said:

The point is it's ironic that we have a hybrid console that seems to mainly be constrained by the size of the cart as opposed to the performance of the console.


I don't see how the console is constrained.  The game is still coming, right?

I also don't see how this hurts the console.  Can you provide evidence for it hurting the console?

THIS game is still coming but others have undoubtedly not come for the fact a physical release is impossible. If you can't see how a reduction in games coming for the console hurts the console I can't help you.

Check this video - go to 5:08 and maybe this opinion piece can explain my point of view a bit better.... More games - more momentum for the console. Bigger cards = more games coming to the console but the cost of the 32GB cards is prohibitive....