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Ganoncrotch said:
dharh said:
Eh. Bleeding edge AAA non-nintendo content is not exactly what Switch was ever going to be known for in the first place. If you are a Switch exclusive owner then you don't care necessarily whether the content is on the Switch in the first place or whether it is a compressed lower res version. You bought it for Nintendo, because Nintendo.

If you want the higher res, best version of a AAA game that surpasses the limitations of what is currently possible with the Switch (cart size or otherwise) you buy a PS4 or XBONE. Does it perhaps tilt a _few_ peoples decisions in buying a PS4/XBONE first before buying a Switch? Maybe. But that ship sailed a while ago and there is virtually no turning back at this point. The Switch is going to do just fine and with a few more SKUs will do even better. I might even buy one eventually if the right SKU comes along.

tbh if all gamers wanted the best fidelity of their games we wouldn't have consoles at all, everyone would be playing on a high end PC on a 1ms display monitor, that isn't the reality of the matter though, from steam surveys we get information that the majority of even pc gamers are on mid range hardware and aren't going to shell out extra cash for extra frames or shadow detail, the type of gamer who is put off by a game not being 144hz isn't going to be looking at the Switch anyway simply because on a Venn diagram their interests and what the switch offers do not overlap outside of threads on the internet to complain that the Switch isn't capable of doing 4k/120fps gaming.

People can cry at companies for not supporting sli or not providing games on a cartridge they're going to have to fumble about with on a plane trying to change it over instead of just clicking another title on a list.... but still... sales are all that really matters to these companies and if a game sells fine as a digital only version running 720p/30 on the Switch then the company isn't going to lose a whole pile of sleep thinking about captain 4k physical only media on the internet who didn't buy their game, because it would cost too much to accommodate for that person.

Exactly.  I will add that people might be more willing to take the extra step of buying a PS4/XBONE than they would shelling out for a high end or top of the line PC. 

I've always built my PCs and I still hesitate. The machine I built 6 years ago (small upgrades since then) is what i'm using now and still works(ish) with what I want to play, but is definitely showing its age.  I seriously hesitate to drop the 2k to build a PC I know will probably last 6 years just like this one, but I won't hesitate to drop $499-$599 for a PS5/XBTWO. Keeping in mind that 4k is still a couple years away for me at the least.

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