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Darwinianevolution said:
Immersiveunreality said:

They enjoy high standards on the things that compliment the meat production but most animals raised for human consumption have a stressfull unhappy life.

I wont say there arent other options but most people buy the cheapest meat that come from those stressfull places,and you can not really blame them for it ofcourse.

Edit: I know a lot of farmers in this country that have a heart for animals and went bankrupt because they could not compete with the cheap meat from other countries with less strict animal laws.

Then the problem is the laws that regulate animal treatment, not people's diets, wouldn't it?. In recent years there have been appearing a lot of laws that protect the integrity and well being of both cattle and wild animals, but wouldn't the sudden stop of meat consumption just mean the general sacrifice of livestock to adjust the numbers? It's like some variants of donkey in many parts of Spain, people started using them less and less due to mechanization and modern agricultural techniques, and rather than granting donkeys a more comfortable life, they are becoming extinct in some areas, because they are of no use anymore.

First bolded:Yes indeed our open market does not care(not enough) about the treatment of animals when it laws for that product change for every country that participates in the trade,money above morals and we should be glad that we are at the top of the foodchain.

Second bolded:"comfortable" life is questionable for all the hard work they had to endure and being forced to endure even when being old and sick and is becoming extinct that bad if it erases suffering?Caring about species that go extinct because they do not have a natural place anymore really borders to human control.