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Darwinianevolution said:
I don't understand how eating animals infringe on their rights. Don't animals breed and grown for human use and consumption usually enjoy really high standards of living (at least much higher than those in the wild)? They are constantly watched and fed, their health is checked 24/7, even when they are sacrificed, everyone makes sure the death is as painless as possible.

They enjoy high standards on the things that compliment the meat production but most animals raised for human consumption have a stressfull unhappy life.

I wont say there arent other options but most people buy the cheapest meat that come from those stressfull places,and you can not really blame them for it ofcourse.

Edit: I know a lot of farmers in this country that have a heart for animals and went bankrupt because they could not compete with the cheap meat from other countries with less strict animal laws.