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Cobretti2 said:
gergroy said:
Better digital only than physical only... of course, I’m slightly biased... haven’t bought a physical game in almost a decade...

This is something I don't get. How do you manage all your digital downloads for when the online services eventually get shut down? you won't be able to download and reinstall the games again.

I have enough storage that I can download everything?  I have a 250 gig card in there now and it isn’t even half full... Nintendo games aren’t that big...  PS4 and Xbox I use external hard drives.  However, in my experience, I doubt I will actually need the ability to go back and play by the time the service gets cut, if it ever does.   I have barely touched my ps3,360, or Wii U in the last few years and everything before that I actually boxed up and they are all just sitting in my closet.