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Jumpin said:
SvennoJ said:

When you're in your twenties, sure. I had no trouble going for the occasional long run back then without any training.
Now I'm on the way to 50 I better build it up slowly. If I go at it my knee will tell me to f off after half an hour and I'm limping the next day.
Enjoy youth while it lasts!

I'm 39.

Good luck. I reached my peak fitness level at 42, then was in denial for a few years, now taking it more easy after a few long lasting injuries.

I got back on the bike yesterday. Took it easy for the first ride, 41km route with hills. The last hill hurt and the ride took almost 2 hours while at the end of summer I can do that route in 1h35. It will take a bit of time until I can fly up the hills again instead of going all the way down to 2 and 3rd.