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LurkerJ said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:

"Child erotica"? So now we're just making things up? lol 

The question mark is there for a reason. It's the difference between a statement and a question. I heard about the child erotica stories but I never bothered to investigate them, hence, the question mark. 

But it's great how you cherry picked child erotica out of the list and ignored the rest.

There wasn't much else to highlight from your drive-by post. It's well-documented that LaToya took back her claims about her brother, this was decades ago. She was even seen supporting her brother at the 2005 criminal trial. 'Inviting children to his bed' is such hyperbole, MJ himself stated he never invited children to share his bed but that kids wanted to be around him. Brandi Jackson, who was Wade Robson's girlfriend, stated there were sleepovers but there were many children and adults around. Not these one on one sleepovers with the door locked and parents not around...