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Conina said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Maybe Lucy will let you kick the football this time.

She doesn't have too.

I can greatly enjoy things even if they are niche as long as they are fun. I enjoyed and still enjoy 3D movies on blu-ray 3D. I enjoyed and still enjoy the stereoscopic effect in many PC games and 3DS games. I enjoyed and still enjoy games on systems which didn't become the leading platform of their generation. I still enjoy genres ike point&click adventures even if they became super-niche.

I pity people who can only enjoy something if it becomes or stays mainstream and can't make their own decisions what they like.

But aren't you getting tired spreading your lies that VR today is exactly the same situation as the few attemps in the past? I'm curious.

You changed your arguement.  I'm saying that VR won't be successful.  You initially were arguing that it will be.  Now you are just saying that you like it.  It is fine if you like a niche product.  I do think you are fooling yourself if you ever think it will be more than that.