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I saw some footage of Hellblade running on Switch and honestly it looks like a technical marvel. I'm very excited for the game but was slightly disappointed when I heard the game was digital only. The reason? The game is 18.2GB and unable to fit on the 16GB cart that Nintendo is currently offering. I'm aware that apparently FFX and X2 are releasing on a 32GB cart but the cart cost is 60% greater than the 16GB cart and it's hard to expect Ninja Theory to wear that cost for Hellblade.

The point is it's ironic that we have a hybrid console that seems to mainly be constrained by the size of the cart as opposed to the performance of the console. Sure, some games will never run on the Switch and the Switch isn't competing for that market but there are TONS of games that would be on the Switch if devs could fit it on physical media. GTA V anyone?

While I agree that digital distribution is the future in 2019 many devs will pass on the Switch if they can't have a physical version of their AAA on the shelves. Nintendo need to rectify this pronto. The Switch carts have a theoretical capacity of 64GB and this needs to be realized sooner rather than later - subsidized if need be but Nintendo need more 3rd party AAA games to be able to be ported and they need it now.