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simek said:
Shiken said:

You need to do your research.  There are quite a few 3rd party games that sold more on Switch than anywhere else.  Late release dates from being a new console have more to do with lower software sales than anything else.

And even if it does sell more on say PS4 or X1, the sales are still there for the developers to see profit.  And that is why more and more 3rd party releases are starting to come day and date with the other versions now.  Look at Wolfenstein New Blood, Mortal Kombat XI, DOOM Eternal, Crash Team Racing, Valkeria Chronicles 4, and Starlink as examples just off the top of my head.

Yeah i totally agree. I remember one Dead Cells that did better on switch but at the same time its an indie title. Maybe there is also that the AAA games don't translate too well to portable devices and vice versa. I play some indie titles on PS4 but it always feel strange. I prefer does games in portable form. When I play Dead Cells it almost feels like the screen is too far and response is off. And when you play AAA games like DOOM or Wolf on Switch it feels like the screen is too crowded to see what is going on.

I had no problem with Doom or Wolfenstein on the go with Switch.  Retail games can sell more on Switch too, not just indies.  Look to Valkeria Chronicles 4 (outsold X1 version), Sonic Forces, Starlink, Crash N Sane (outsold X1 version), Octopth Traveler (3rd party exclusive sold very well), Disgaea 5 (almost matched PS4 version) just to name a few.

It is also worth noting that Wolfenstein 2 and DOOM must has seen some kind of success on Switch because the sequels will be day and date releases (and will sell better for it).  There were several months last year where DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 were in the top 30 digital purchase list on the Nintendo eshop, so we really have no idea what the true sales numbers were for those game.  All we know is that it was deemed a success by the publishers.

Again I am not saying that it has to outsell the other platforms.  Just that major 3rd parties are having much more success on Switch than you are giving them credit for.

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