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DirtyP2002 said:

Here is a closer look at the PSVR sales.

I was always wondering, why people thought PSVR sales were good. IMO they are not. Not at all.
And that goes for other VR-Devices as well.

Your thoughts?

This "first gen" of consumer VR is pretty much a payed beta and I hope the ppl buying into it (like me) are aware of that. Sony uses it to identify better solutions for tracking etc and establish game design philosphies to make good use of the capabilities VR brings to the table, while also bringing in some cash to finance their efforts (and by all we heard they are running in the black with VR). The next gen will be much more streamlined, as the soon to be released Oculus Quest and Rift S already show to a degree, and that's when Sony will expect a broader audience to buy in and make it a more worthwhile business.