MasonADC said:
simek said:

50.000 hmmm. Nothing special. So what are these people who buys switch every week play? When you look at the numbers if its not Zelda Mario Smash Splatoon its really difficult to be succesfull on Switch. When you look at waht sells on Switch first are the Nintedo evergreens then ver very very long nothing, then at the end some indie and ports. Switch is a great heanheld but its going into the same problems as in the past: YOU buy nintedo machine for nintendo games.

I’m not sure what you are trying to say. Evergreens are that for a reason, they sell forever. Third parties game come and go, just like on other systems. 

Im trying to say that third party success on nintendo machines is always mediocre compared to succes of third party games on other consoles. Its really hard to be even as half as succesfull as nintendo is on their own platforms.