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I'm just going to say what I'm using, and why. I have bad experiences with cheaper routers, and playing on wifi is a 0 option for me, because it's not something I'm willing to put up with at all. However, I have the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300, which is a 400 dollar router. It came with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, for free, so kinda 60 dollars off, but kinda not, since I don't play or like CoD and wouldn't have bought the game anyway (and only played it for about an hour or so.)

Wasn't looking to get something only slightly better, or wouldn't actually work, since the old router would not maintain a wifi connection to the different streaming boxes like roku and fire sticks around the house and would just outright shut down at random. With this one, I haven't had a single problem, got a free game (although, like I said not one I like or wanted) and it has 8 Ethernet ports, though truthfully, I never have more than one console, and a single PC using 2 of them anyway.

I cannot stand playing on Wifi, and I'm so glad games are started to tell us what our opponents are using, so we can avoid them.

I also had one of those powerline adapters, and even after setting the thing up with the cell phone app, and if I'm not mistaken, that was the only simple way to configure it, it still had issues.

I used to only have 80 dollar routers, years ago, and never would have thought I'd have a 400 dollar router, but sometimes you gotta pay more to get what you need, and now that I have it, I never have to think about it, unless I just glance over and look at it.

My previous routers have been netgear, TP Link, and D-Link brands.  All gave me significant issues at some point.  Even before they just stopped working.

Last edited by Burning Typhoon - on 04 April 2019