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TomaTito said:
forest-spirit said:
Oh, the café is open again!

For those that haven't tried GRIS I highly recommend that game, but my advice is to ignore achievements and collectibles during your first playtrough and replay levels later if you want to go for 100% completion. The game is really beautiful and has a great flow, something that hunting for achievements will break.

Last weekend I played Old Man's Journey, a puzzle-adventure where you have to guide an old man towards his goal. Just like GRIS it's a beautiful game that uses imagery to tell its story - which was quite good - so I'd recommend this one as well.

Welcome, welcome! Coffee drips ready, and we have new cake slices to try.
BTW thanks for the suggestions, specially Old Man's Journey, I'll have a look at it.
But isn't GRIS supposed to be a bit short though?

It's short, even if you do all the achievements, but at the end I didn't have a problem with that. If anything I felt like the length was just right. I have had many issues with games overstaying their welcome in the past months so I was glad that GRIS didn't end up in that category.

But if that's an issue then I suggest you wait for a sale. I believe the game was 50% off or something when I got it so.