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0D0 said:
zorg1000 said:

Well it's a bit of a slow period for Switch, I wouldnt really consider the first 2.5 months of 2019 to be indicative of the overall Switch library or release schedule. I also didnt include smaller scale titles which is something Switch gets in abundance.

All consoles go through a slow period, PS4 is usually in the summer while this year and last year it has been late Winter/early Spring for Switch.

It seems to me that slow periods are more common on Nintendo side. PlayStation side can have 10-12 consecutive weeks with consistent solid releases many times in a generation, almost every year, while on Nintendo's side, it's rather rare.

There is only one really slow period, and that was the start of 2018 last year.  The PS4 has a heavy start to 2019, but Switch is packed for April and beyond.  It is also worth noting that considering the later half of 2018 had so much coming to Switch in of itself, I am still playing games from that period.

So all in all, your claims that Switch lacks variety and offers nothing to play is unfounded.  My wishlist is packed full of games I will never have time to play.

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