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Mar1217 said:
Azelover said:
I played the shit out this game on PS4. It's really fabulous. If you're a Switch-only gamer, I definitely recommend it.

Just a comment. Isn't this interesting that this is coming to a Nintendo platform after Microsoft bought the developer?

It just goes to show that Nintendo and Microsoft are friendly right now. I knew since the days of the Wii60 that this was a match made in heaven. There is a possibility that Microsoft could bring its service maestry to a Nintendo platform. That would be wonderful for all sides, particularly the gamers..

I mean the game was first brought on PS4 and PC and the game is their own IP (I don't think it is owned by Microsoft) so I think they made the decision to bring it on Switch by thei own will, not Microsoft.

Yeah that's probably the case.

I've heard somewhere that this Switch version was in the works before Microsofts aquisition. Still, it's pretty interesting. Microsoft also published Minecraft on 3DS(or was it Wii U? Don't remember)

I think MS is shifting their focus on gaming from hardware, into software and services.