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Train wreck said:
zorg1000 said:

Yes, PS4 being better in nearly every way over PS3 would have made it outsell PS3 regardless but at the same time if Nintendo & Microsoft hadn't messed up so poorly with Wii U & XBO (MS has fixed most of its early issues but the damage was already done) than it would have very likely sold a good deal less than it currently has.

Sigh....What numbers are we talking about?  The PS4 selling 120M instead of 130M?  At that point its just unnecessary nitpicking.

Why are you sighing?

Impossible to know for sure but considering that PS2+XB, PS3+360 and PS4+XBO are all going to sell roughly the same amount than we can make a safe conclusion that the more one sells, the less the other will sell.

If XBO didn't have such a terrible PR disaster at the beginning of the generation than maybe it would finish the gen around 70m instead of the 50-55m its headed for so PS4 would likely sell something like ~110m instead of the 125-130m its headed for.

Who knows, my only point was that Sony making good choices wasnt the only thing that has helped PS4 sell so well but also MS making terrible choices with XBO.

The same thing applies to other generations. 360 was able to steal a huge amount of the PS2 audience not only because it was a good console but also because Sony made huge mistakes with PS3 early on that took a long time to overcome.

Another example, PS1 was such a huge hit not only because it was a good console but also because Nintendo essentially handed them all 3rd party support by going with cartridges and Sega in general was an absolute mess at the time.

History has shown that it's not enough to just make a good console if you want to steal your competitors audience,, they also need to make mistakes in order for their fanbase to Switch sides.

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