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Train wreck said:
Shiken said:

Had the competition not dropped the ball, they would have likely sold closer to PS3 lifetime.  Believe what you want, but X1 had a lot of momentum until that reveal.

And no, I do not agree with the OP trying to downplay PS4 sales using Pro sales as an excuse, just like I do not agree with you claiming the Switch had it easier than the PS4 when anyone can see that the Switch had more factors against it than the PS4 did at launch.  Stop twisting my words because you can't make a decent argument to support your claims.

The PS4 being better in every way than the PS3 would have meant that the PS4 would have sold more lifetime.  How many different ways do people need to explain that.

Yes, PS4 being better in nearly every way over PS3 would have made it outsell PS3 regardless but at the same time if Nintendo & Microsoft hadn't messed up so poorly with Wii U & XBO (MS has fixed most of its early issues but the damage was already done) than it would have very likely sold a good deal less than it currently has.

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