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DonFerrari said:
Irrelevant points.

PS3 was also selling and had new games (several crossgen as well) for over 2 years after PS4 released. TLOU and GT6 launched only on PS3 at the time and one of then was even after PS4 was launched basically.

The number of double dips isn't that much either, and if Pro didn't exist most would have bought vanila. Much more likely that a household have 2 or more switches due to portability and starting at lower price than another PS4 just because of Pro.

"The number of double dips isn't that much either"

How do we know this?

Xxain said:
KLAMarine said:

I think I should have made clear that often times, I see some impressed by the PS4's sales. One can see this going through

For whatever reason however, no potential caveats are ever brought up. I have yet to see any mention of PS4 and PS4 Pro sales figures being lumped in together for example.

What does that matter? Should we not count Sales of Pokemon versions because a large amount of people buy  multiple versions? Is my purchase of Yellow version invalidated because I owned Red?

Certainly wouldn't be useless information.