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colafitte said:
zorg1000 said:

Who hasnt admitted that PS4 & Switch are both doing great? You're taking offense to something that hasnt happened.

We're poking fun at people who keep bringing up age when its irrelevant to the discussion.

As for your long paragraph there are a few things that make no sense. This site didnt accurately track 29.5 million, it adjusted to that after shipment info released. And no 2-2.5 million is not alot on shelves for a console that sells 200-250k/week, that is actually pretty standard.

I still think there's a lot of passive agressiveness in these forums that it's not needed. I think most people, not only about this topic but in other things, in order to defend something they attack what they consider its rival instead of just celebrate what their favorite thing is doing. Is just a "feeling" i wish it could be lessein this forum. We are a small group and we know most of each other at this time. Some prefer a console or another and base their opinion on that, and some others just give their honest opinion. In my case i did not take anything personal to be clear, i barely posted anything recently, but i wish we could just talk with respect, nothing else.

Why is not relevant to discuss how much old a console is? Are you the one deciding that?, Why is not relevant to put in perspective PS4 sales in 2019 because of age?? I consider very relevant in my opinion.

For last, they make sense. It was tracked accuarately to below 30M (it showed almost 31M at the end of 2018 before) because it was the right thing to do after Nintendo announced Switch has surpassed 30M sold to consumers at the end of Jan 2019, not because shipment numbers. And yes..., 2'5M on shelves in March is a lot. This is not holiday season. I even had discussions back in January with other posters saying 2'5M could be too much units on shelves for Q3, so imagine in Q4....

Let's see first if Nintendo announces 17'5M shipped for FY18 first...I'm only saying is not a guarantee yet.

Not relevant was probably a poor choice of words, let me clarify.

You said the people making the jokes are being passive aggressive and need to accept that both PS4 & Switch are doing great but you ignore that some of the people bringing up age are doing it to either downplay Switch sales or to say that we shouldn't compare them when they had no issue with the comparisons in 2017 or 2018 when PS4 was on top.

Skeeuk said: Switch isn't the best performer here it's the PS4 in its 6th year. Yes 6th year.

Geralt99 said: By the end of the year, switch will beat ps4 by a million or 2 which is nothing special considering the popularity and portability factors of switch and the age of ps4.

Nate4Drake said: We continue to compare apples with oranges, and this will keep going for ever.  PS4 is an old Home Console, Switch a relatevely new portable from Nintendo. Can people realize that it is silly to compare sales of PS4 and Switch in 2019 and 2020 ?

How are we the ones who need to accept both are doing great when it's the people who bring up age that need a reason to justify Switch selling on par/better than PS4 this year?

The general rule of thumb has been to have ~10 weeks of stock on shelves so if a console is selling 200-250k/week than having 2-2.5m on shelves is right where it needs to be. And the forcast is 17m, not 17.5m

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