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S.T.A.G.E. said:
Rafie said:

I doubt it. Unless MS decides to be nice and let it hit PS4. THIS titled game won't come to PS4. That doesn't mean future Cuphead games won't come tho.

I'm more than sure now Ori will eventually come over to the Switch. I gotta say....the Switch is looking very dangerous to competitors. The library is building VERY fast with quality titles like this one.

Sony will not let Xbox Live on Playstation, seeing that unlike Nintendo, they have competent online and dont need help. Microsoft wants their games on Sony, but you know the price. If Sony opens their doors, Microsoft gets the sales and the bragging rights that Xbox Live and Gamepass are gaining more users. People think Nintendo is winning here, but the games are only a trojan horse. Nintendo gamers win, but Microsoft wins as a corporation.

Microsoft isn't heading to be worth $1 Trillion dollars for nothing though.

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