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During the rumor stages of the Nintendo Switch, back when it was still referred to as 'NX' there were a lot of sources claiming that it would be supplemental console, and that the dock would have hardware upgrades housed inside of it to make the Switch function better when connected to the TV. Obviously that did not happen, the dock is nothing more than a USB extender in a plastic shell.

BUT, what if the 'Switch Pro' that is being rumored now turns out to be something similar to the rumored dock? You wouldn't have to buy a whole new console, worry about transferring data, or have to worry about certain games not working across console upgrades, because it would still just be all one console. And this strategy could even be used to further future-proof the Switch. Every few years just release a new dock supplement to make the Switch more powerful, still just relying on the basic Switch console.

I wouldn't call this a prediction, but just some food for thought. I would honestly love it if this were the case because buying a new dock would be way easier and less expensive than a whole new console.