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Kerotan said:

If Sony can somehow get a wireless version sold at €149 and on sale even lower this thing has market potential. €99 the sweetspot and then obviously buying move controllers etc would be extra.

I'm not sure how much potential for a price drop it has left. The lenses probably have a pretty fixed cost and the panel is a custom RGB Samsung OLED (they usually do pentile AMOLEDs), which apparently isn't used for anything else, so that likely won't really come down in price either.

I don't expect a "wireless version" (which would necessitate a complete redesign of it's internals, fit a battery, powerful wireless hw and probably an SoC for vid decoding in there) of gen1 (and certainly not as cheap as €/$150) and an upgrade kit for wireless seems highly unlikely aswell (V2 buyers would have to deal with the loooong connection cable somehow etc).