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I hadn't planned but while usual browsing tech sites and forums I learned that there is this insane deal - AOC 1440p 75Hz 31.5 inch IPS monitor for ~200 euro/usd, so I sold my old 27 inch 1080p AOC and got it (AOC Q3279VWFD8):

Right off the bat I noticed that the image quality was much better than my old monitor, so that was good, the 1440p is impressive especially in games, and the 75Hz/fps is a nice little bonus over 60Hz in games, but I have one problem with it - it is just too big LOL I never thought it could be a problem but 31.5 inch is just too much for monitor. I have used it for one week and still can't get used to the screen size. Even when gaming with controller or watching vids I want to slide back more and more. Anyway I just wanted to let others know about this insane deal, the competition is twice the price and up.

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