kirby007 said:
Intrinsic said:

As it stands we are getting 50Mbs 4k@60 streams because o that better encoding. But h, thing will always get better.. but then so will the requirements of which hardware supports it.

Yeah, that's not confusing at al....... so he basically is saying you will need 25Mbs for 1080p/60 and also that you will need 25Mbs for 4k/60?

Alright, I am going to leave this alone. November is just right around the corner.

Currently they need 20mbps for 1080/60fps. After everything is said and done they expect 30mbps for 4k/60fps

And that doesn't sound fishy to you at all........

Even with netflix who are streaming 30fps videos.....

5Mbs recommended for HD streams.

25Mbs recommended for 4k srteams.