Pemalite said:
Intrinsic said:

The whole compression thing wasn't my point but rather Kirby's point to counter mine of how we will need at least 50Mbs to maintain a steady 4k stream.

Well with next-gen video encoding/decoding, 50Mbps is probably far from being a requirement for a 4k stream...

As it stands we are getting 50Mbs 4k@60 streams because o that better encoding. But h, thing will always get better.. but then so will the requirements of which hardware supports it.

the-pi-guy said:
Intrinsic said:
Wha google and no one seems to be saying is how you will need an internet connection of around 50Mbs to be able to stream at 4k60fps.

Anything less than that and you will basically be playing at a lowerrez or lower fps.

Google said 4k60 would require 30 mbps.

"So with Project Stream [the beta test for Stadia], we recommended and set a threshold of about 25 megabits per second in order to enjoy 1080p / 60 frames per second," Harrison said. "In fact, we only used about 20 megabits per second. But we gave ourselves a little bit of a buffer in the calculations. When we launch, because we’ve made some very significant improvements to our encoder, our streamer, and our compression algorithms, we will get 4K / 60 frames per second in about 30 megabits per second. And then if you are at a lower resolution, you will obviously use significantly less bandwidth."

Yeah, that's not confusing at al....... so he basically is saying you will need 25Mbs for 1080p/60 and also that you will need just 5/10Mbs more for 4k/60? that is 4 times the data of 4k.......  don't know how to say all this; or maybe I am just stupid/or missing something obvious..... but if the exact same video encoding method used to get you 1080/60fps stream with 20Mbs is used for a 4k/60fps stream.... the same encoder..... shouldn't that require at least twice (its supposed to be 4 times the bandwidth but lets be very generous here) the bandwidth??

This is exactly why I am saying that its like google has cast a spell on everyone.

Alright, I am going to leave this alone. November is just right around the corner.

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