RaptorChrist said:
ThatDreamcastTho said:

Chicago is also the first city to get 5G. Most people do not get those kind of speeds.

Interesting, I didn't know anything about that. What is the average speed then in the US? I'm reading on this page here:


And it looks as though the average speed in the US is close to 100 Mbps, but that seems much too high. It looks like in the last year, there was an average download speed increase of 38%. US ranks #7 for download speeds (much lower at 27th for uploads). It also says that something like 75% are capable of 4K video (as of Q3/Q4 2018).

I didn't think the average was that high, but at the same time I didn't think it was as low as 5 Mbps like I feel as though someone else had said at one point. Something that I considered was that perhaps these average speeds aren't conducted at a consumer level, and so they take into account places like McDonalds and Starbucks. If that were the case, it might bring the average speed down as you can find free internet in a lot of places but are restricted to very low speeds (like 5 Mbps).

The average is weighted because millions of people live in places like chicago, los angeles, san fransisco, etc. Most areas are nowhere near that.