the-pi-guy said:
Chazore said:

Then I wonder just how many years they can keep that up. I'd hate to see it being sued now and dumped later, like a lot of other companies do in time. 

A lot of people also use Unity and other engines, especially over the years. It's nice to see some variety in engine use, than just everyone hailing under EG one engine. 


What would they get sued for? 

This is moreso a continuation of a program that just ended.  It'll probably end when the $100 million gets sent out.  If it's still successful, they will probably extend it again.  


YEah, but I'd like to see this being extended indefinitely, to a point where it's clearly nonviable to do so (because I strongly believe that it isn't viable long-term, so why focus on the short when your core focus should always be on the long term).