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curl-6 said:
Azzanation said:

And buying Digital also offers you to own it and preserve it probably even longer than physical would.

I honestly don't get it. There are gamers out there who are happy to boycott something amazing if its not on a piece of plastic?  

If I bought everything digitally, it could all be lost if that one SD card or hard drive died. And getting them back via receipt is only possible so long as the provider doesn't go out of business or decide they just don't want to provide them any more.

Plus, if I bought everything digitally, I'd quickly run out of space and have to spend more money to buy another SD card or hard drive.

I already proven this theory with my game I brought on Steam which is still downloadable to this very day and the company no longer exists, sure others cannot download it but those who already brought it have access to it and guess what, its really not hard at all, I just type in the name of the game in my library and click download. If you think services like Steam will go out of business than I have nothing to tell you but good luck in that belief.

You will run out of hard drive space, much like it is now with gaming that requires full disc installation. Nice one. Maybe go buy a bigger hard drive.

Nothing lasts forever.. however digital most likely can withstand the test of time, all my games I brought back in the early 2000s still work to this current day that I brought digital and there all still there, where as the games I have owned physically in the mid 1990s etc are starting to give up. I treat all my games with care but games that rely on battery back up etc don't and wont last forever, that's out of my control. Eventually your cartridge or disk readers in your consoles will stop working much like the disks and cartridges you put in them. Its why its still very silly to me that people swear by physical media and will not buy something that is great just because they don't have it on plastic.