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Mar1217 said:
Azzanation said:

And buying Digital also offers you to own it and preserve it probably even longer than physical would.

I honestly don't get it. There are gamers out there who are happy to boycott something amazing if its not on a piece of plastic?  

No, the publisher still has the rights of ownership on your copy. (Just look at the close of agreements) If they ban your account or were to seemingly go out of buisness, you would lose everything you've accumulated thus far.

As for the 2nd point, who talked about boycott ? They said we were given the choice to own the game on physical or digital format ? People are in their absolute right to prioritize a physical copy of the game if they desire so. If the game didn't offer such choices then it'd still be possible to buy it although without the advantages that come with physical ownership.

They cannot take your game off you as you gain a digital receipt (On Steam anyway) so there will be lawsuits if they decide to take away what you already own.

I brought Speedball 2 Tournament on Steam, the game is no longer available via the store because the company went bust. Guess what, I can still download and play the game. Infact I own the SNES Mario Kart which no longer works correctly due to the battery backup has died and the game does not save my progress anymore.

Digital does not wear or tare, it cannot get lost or stolen, and it doesn't require space to store in your house. In saying that I still buy physical copies however digital has become an amazing thing to also own. If one day my physical media doesn't work I also have the digital version that will always work as intended.