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curl-6 said:
V-r0cK said:

I can see Activision porting this to the Switch and that will be all the CoD love the Switch is getting lol  ...and if that happens I'll play it lol

I can see them not porting this OR mainline COD to Switch tbh, publishers often show an incredible lack of rationality where supporting the Switch is concerned.

I mean come on, the Wii got 5 COD games and even the Wii U got 2, and the Switch is a more suitable platform than either of them.

Well ya I can see Activision not porting anything as well.  But if Activision wanted to 'test' the Switch seems like the best/laziest thing they'll do is port this game.  

Publishers are all over the place with Capcom doing lots of support one day like a king....then the next day they may support depending if one of their games does well.