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So after the reveal of the Stadia platform, I've being thinking.

Basically you need an device to run the platform, it doesn't matter the overall power of it, as long as it can run video streaming. The obvious limitation of the Stadia is an always on-line policy, since all the processing would be done in the servers.

Could we have situation where do you have the Switch with an Stadia App, to run all the Third-Party games that the little machine could not run. And also still have the First-Party Nintendo games running off-line, in the device.

I know this is far from becoming a reality, but would pretty much make my Switch the one place for gaming at all.

And then, there is this:


Right. Beyond the smartphone controller clamps, the obvious solution to that would be a Switch-style client device that you would make.

Phil Harrison: There are some really good third-party solutions which we support from launch and we have some other ideas as well, but we're not going to share those right now.


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