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Johnw1104 said:
forevercloud3000 said:
I have remained a fan of what this game is doing. And Hello Games has done an amazing job supporting this game for free after launch.

Let's be fair, the launch included an incomplete game that lacked many of the promised features and had no business being $60. They're merely working their way back to what they promised in the first place, which is good, but not as good as just being upfront from the start lol

It does sound like it's just about something I'd like to play at this point, though. If they somehow get it running on the switch I'd absolutely give it a go, but with all of the background processing I'm not sure it could.

Was the game exactly what they said it would be? No, but the things that were promised and were missing(which have since been added) are not the core of why people didn't like it even though it is what they always chant at the game. 

Realistic Sky Box Day/Night Cycles and The ability to See each other if you meet, these aspects if present on day one would not have made the game "fun" to most. The things the game lacked that were promised were superficial to it's gameplay loop fun factor. It is the game's core gameplay loop of survival grind that people didn't vibe with. It was still never originally advertised to be some massive Online multiplayer title and that is what many wanted from it. Hello games at every turn kept trying to discourage people about getting their hopes up about some indepth online multiplayer because that wasn't what it was about. The effect they were going for is akin to what happens in Journey when one finally meets another player in a desolate world.

Regardless, they have implemented real online features into the game, really well crafted aspects. They have gone beyond those initial impressions though and created stuff that no one knew to even ask for. Yet I would say the gameplay loop is still the same in most aspects. It is a space survival game. Many wanted Star Wars out of it and they got Star Trek, yet with their last few updates they have been trying to stir the action elements to appease those who find it boring.

The game I would say is most akin to Farming Simulator, Harvest Moon, Minecraft kinda vibe....but it is evolving.




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