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Hiku said:

What exactly do you find problematic with the DLC? It amounts to that much because they've released a lot of costumes.

I went past the dairy section today at the store, and all the dairy products they had probably amounted to thousands of dollars. But I only wanted one milk carton, so it wasn't a problem.
I'm browsing around the DOA5 DLC right now, and it looks like each costume only costs $2-$3 each. That seems pretty standard for a costume.

Also, a fighting game getting updated versions later doesn't necessarily mean it's rushed. I don't think Street Fighter 2 was rushed, even though it got a bajillion updated versions. It was just that Capcom kept working on it year in and year out.
Though I don't know if DOA6 is missing any notable feature, as I haven't checked it out yet.

Street fighter 2 was released at a time when DLC wasn't a thing.  The game was refined, and today, Street Fighter V: Arcade edition was a free update to the base game.  You're not going to have a game balanced as well as it could be on your first try.  People are always going to find things the developers miss.  This is the case for every single fighting game.  That's why there's multiple versions of SF2 from almost 30 years ago, which doesn't reflect today's landscape.

Don't know anything about Dissidia, it's not a traditional fighting game, and im not at all interested in it.  There's no version of killer instinct that you can pay over 150 dollars, and still not have everything the game has to offer.

You honestly would have been better off using Injustice 2 for that argument.  The full, complete edition version of the game was 90 dollars at launch, but at least you were promised everything after that.

We're talking about a company nickel and diming digital products, with most of the assets pulled from a previous game.  A physical store with dairy products has to provide physical space for those products.  The game's DLC is not sold anywhere close to economic equilibrium.  It is a digital product, you can divide that cost across more people, by selling the DLC at a lower price than you can selling it at a higher price to fewer people.  It's still content being hosted on a server.  I don't care how expensive it is to develop, if you price it right, you will have the most amount of people buying it.  It's 65 (and that is not a lot, mind you.) costumes and 2 characters.  Imagine selling the base game for 60 dollars with 2 characters.  It's a rip-off, and I refuse to support that practice.

And to all those people who spent 200-300+ dollars on DLC, none of that carries over to the new game...  Which also doesn't have tag.   So, depending on what you're willing to spend on DoA6, you can argue that it is not better than even the previous game.