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super_etecoon said:
So I'm rewatching last year's event and I'll be honest, I barely remember any of these games, and several of them actually look pretty good. I think this is partly because the EShop is such a mess of overly popular indies taking all the hype, super cheap indies filling the top spots since they're so inexpensive to buy, and a ton of mediocre "this should be a free title on android" type games clogging up the screen.

I'm really hoping for a well curated eShop in the future. It would even be nice for Nintendo to create a "Developer's Picks" recommended area. They could even do a celebrity recommended section every once in a while, or a youtubers selection. It would be a great way to help establish a community feel to the eShop.

^ This!

Navigating the eShop is a huge pain. You have to either know exactly what you're looking for, or just get lucky and stumble upon something good. The "bestsellers" section usually has a few spots taken up by games that are a dollar. At least they finally told Fortnite off the "top sellers" list. I'd love it if they had a section where they just show off legitimate games, and not all the Andriod/iOS ports.