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trasharmdsister12 said:
umegames said:
just completed origins + DLC, favorite of the series. I've yet to play Odyssey, but i can't imagine it being better for me. I really liked being in Egypt, bayak is now my fave and i never for a moment felt bored in that game. It's honestly my favorite ps4 i've played, even with the likes of uncharted, horizon and god of war (ooooh i know thats blasphemy).

Interesting. Did you play AC2 when it first came out? That has remained my favourite in the series by far all this time. But then again, I've only played 1, 2, Brotherhood, first few hours of 3, and Black Flag. 

AC2 was brilliant for the time. Actually, the whole Ezio trilogy was very well conceived.

I've played nearly all of the mainline entries (barring Unity), and Origins and Odyssey are the first time I've felt excited about the series since Black Flag.

But RPGs are my favorite genre (see my previous post).